Chairman Message 2022/2023


I am honoured to have been chosen by my peers as Aircraft Division Chairman.  The Aircraft Division has been steered through the recent storms, captained by my illustrious predecessors and I am privileged that the wheel house has been passed to me and this session’s committee.

The Aircraft Division, lives and thrives by aviation activity in Hong Kong.  The recent years have been most unkind, and the previous Chairmen have still been able to host webinars, specialist courses and lectures partnered with other aeronautical learned societies.  This successful formula will continue.

The Aircraft Division welcomes the reduction in quarantine by the new administration which has generated incremental aircraft movements in Hong Kong.  The Aircraft Division, encourages a continuation of this direction which should be safe and pragmatic. Our members livelihood, and therefore, the Institution is reliant on a vibrant Hong Kong aviation industry, and this Division is ready to pounce on any opportunities to secure this for the members, and Hong Kong.

Ir Darryl CHAN

Chairman, Aircraft Division