Chairman Message 2023/2024 

First of all, I would like to thank my peers who elected me as the Chairman for the session 2023/2024.  I am grateful for the previous chairmen and through their leadership and the committee’s steadfastness, all who are volunteers, have pushed through the pandemic to emerge at the other end, a little bruised but very much in one piece and “ops check normal”.

The Aircraft Division’s success is under pinned by the success of aviation in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong is seeing a resurgence in air travel, but still lags our Asian peers and further blunted by a dire skills crunch.  There is a strong demand for engineers, mechanics and technicians in Hong Kong with many former colleagues leaving for new careers in Hong Kong or abroad.  The Division supports initiatives to bring in these professionals from the Greater Bay area but also to ensure smooth application process for those who come from other parts of the world.

The Division is here to serve our members and Hong Kong and it is the Committee’s mission to prepare members and the industry with knowledge tools they need, working with best in class partners here and abroad. 

Like other Divisions, we are rolling out our Aircraft Engineer Development Scheme programme for young engineers again. We have resumed our training activities, site visits and lectures, some run in association with the Royal Aeronautical Society (Hong Kong Branch).  The Division is about to launch our sponsorship of young engineers studying at university and aspire to join the aviation industry.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our activities and as President Ir Dr Barry Lee, theme says, the Aircraft Division is about “We Engineer, We Serve”.

Ir Darryl CHAN

Chairman, Aircraft Division